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We're all taught how to survive, but surviving isn't enough. I want to teach people how to THRIVE.

My passion is to teach people how to build a better life for themselves. 'everything i did' is about giving people simple solutions to their greatest problems. Some will wait a lifetime to share their memoirs and their collective wisdom with the world. Unfortunately, those seeking wisdom from the experienced don’t always have a lifetime to wait. That’s why I’m sharing everything I’ve learned with the world right now.

This website is an expression of the solutions I have found where others only recognized problems. It’s a compilation of my experiences and the wisdom gained by learning about life the hard way, in hopes that you won’t have to. This is everything i did.

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be taken seriously at work by dressing like a boss

Men and women, boys and girls, I would like to present to you a simple yet effective way to be taken more seriously at work. While no one thing alone can make people revere you over night, dressing better can make a huge difference. I need to warn you though. Everything about this post is politically incorrect. Actually, embracing politically incorrect concepts can often put you way ahead, contrary to popular belief. Just because it’s politically incorrect doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

why is everyone ahead of me in life? try shutting up

I hope this post doesn’t sound too mean. There’s really some important wisdom to be learned from the phrase “shut up.” It’s not just a rude statement people say to others when they want their lips to stop moving. I learned this the hard...

rough starts, great finishes, and breaking the sound barrier

Getting off to a rough start isn’t all that uncommon. Actually, pushing past our rough starts isn’t uncommon either. Most of us get off to a rough start many times throughout the year. Usually it’s something simple like a bad hair day in the morning,...

five things i would tell my teen / 20-something self – part 3

do you have a relationship from your past that makes you cringe when you think about it?

One that makes you go, “oh god, what was I ever thinking?! Clearly I wasn’t thinking!” Yeah, I’m sure you do, most of us do. I have quite a few, however, the good news is that I learned so many lessons from each one and I’m here to share a piece of those experiences with you. If I could go back in time and tell my teen – 20 something self a few of those lessons, the advice would be invaluable. Anyone have a time machine?

why tracking what you eat leads to success

“I am eating healthy and working out and yet I still cannot to lose weight.” This is something I hear quite often and to be honest I cannot point the finger because I am guilty of it myself. I also have heard “Eating healthy is just too hard.” This is one of my favorites, “I will never be fit because I am predispositioned to be overweight. Everyone in my family has dealt with weight issues so it’s something I cannot change.” Now this is something that you may not want to hear, but if this is you, I am going to tell you right now, they are all excuses.

life lessons

“Give the world the best you have and the best will come back to you.” This is one of my favorite quotes of all time, and before ending college, I truly believed that the world was going to give me the very best of it every day. However, in the last several months, looking for a job that fits all my personal and professional goals, has led me to doubt whether this quote can be true or not.

r&r without r&d is wasting a day off

pick up your cell phone and hold it in your hand for a moment. Focus your eyes on the finest details of the device. If you have an iPhone (or other premium device) like me, you will see that the details go deeper than you even realize at a glance. Every curve, every surface, every piece of glass and metal, come together to create a powerful yet beautiful work of art that acts as our gateway to the world every single day. It takes more than a few days to create something like this.

counting calories is useless

To begin with, all calories are not created equal. Losing weight is really about what you eat not how much you eat. You can eat tons of nutrient dense foods and gain more energy, optimal cognitive function, and optimal physical performance and never gain a pound. The foods that are problematic are from nutrient depleted foods. These are your simple carbohydrates and processed foods. 100 calories from processed food does not metabolize the same as 100 calories from say an avocado. And foods metabolize differently from person to person. So counting calories doesn’t make sense.

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