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mediterranean chickpea patties

Making a wholesome vegetarian meal that is also satisfying and filling, is a welcome practice in my family. Why bother? It’s a great way to provide a healthy, inexpensive meal, but more importantly, it provides more plant-based foods in your diet, which we know are... read more

how to avoid emotional overheating

Millennials are under a lot of pressure from numerous sources – work, family, friends, themselves, society, and much more. It’s easy to get caught up in all the stress that comes with just starting out in the “real world.” There’s hardly a spare minute in the... read more

remembering the past

Last week I had a very weird nostalgic sense. Summer is always the best season of the year to me, but this year is the first time where I am not a student anymore, so I’m not expecting the summer to end at one point. It’s like you know that at some point, summer... read more

how to work while on the road

Hitting the road can be fun, but not for all. Some people travel and bring their workload along for the ride. I am not going to lie, sometimes when I travel I take my work with me. However, this is more based on the flexibility my teaching, consulting, and writing... read more

5 things you can do today to reduce stress

No doubt stress is a silent killer. Of course the death of a family member or the loss of a job is extreme and contributes to the negative effects of stress on the body, but chronic daily stress is the silent killer we’re talking about. how you manage that stress is... read more

the problem with under-promising and over-delivering

We hear it all the time as early lifers in the business world. I see it in advice blogs, publications, articles, pretty much anywhere you can get content related to millennials. “Under-promise and over-deliver,” they say. That way, you’ll always exceed expectations.... read more

control what you can and let everything else go

Has there ever been a situation in your life that you have tried to control? Have you ever tried to persuade another person how to think or act? Does it make you uncomfortable if things don’t go the way you intended? Does it make you uncomfortable if you don’t feel... read more

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